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Case Studies

Meet the HER0ES 0F ZER0 that have made the switch to CLUBZERØ

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Cushman & Wakefield

CLUBZERØ first launched with innovation partner, Cushman & Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm. CLUBZERØ returnable cups replaced disposable coffee cups at Cushman & Wakefield saving thousands of single-use plastic items from landfill annually. Read more here


CLUBZERØ launched at VISA HQ to support their single-use plastic reduction goals by serving employees drinks in CLUBZERØ returnable cups. Drop points were located across each floor to optimise for convenient returns. Operated by WSH Group / BaxterStorey.

John Lewis and Partners HQ

CLUBZERØ was chosen from more than 100 startups to provide returnable cups for hot and cold drinks to employees across John Lewis & Partners HQ to help them reduce their single-use packaging waste. Read more here.

See how much you’ll save when 
you switch to CLUBZERØ

When you switch to CLUBZERØ returnable packaging you make considerable environmental and cost savings every month (up to 30% savings)

*Data taken from First Mile (cost of recycling single-use food & beverage packaging)


Saved every month on landfill costs*


CLUBZERØ handles every step of a successful return system making it easy for your businesses to switch and start saving today.


Why our Hosts love CLUBZERØ

4.5/5 on Trustpilot Read Reviews

Rosie Rayner-Law, Sustainability Manager

“I think of CLUBZERØ as a key partner for UCL and for CH&Co in the longer term.”

Rachel Brewer, Senior Communications Manager (VP)

"It's been wonderful to see Barclays partner with CLUBZERØ on Wimbledon and I'm delighted on the great coverage you've received. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with"

Anxhela Cane, Vendor Account Associate

“In regards to new customers, we have seen an increase in demand for CLUBZERØ vendors from our customers, so once set up with CLUBZERØ, our Accounts Managers will continue to include you in Enterprise Rotation as well as highlighting you to other large customers to make sure you have as many orders as possible.”

Eleanor Davis, Senior Enterprise Account Manager

“I tried CLUBZERØ in the office yesterday and it was amazing, the feedback was glowing from all members of the team. Jess, Maddie & I will be presenting to the whole company shortly on what you can offer. I will also be pitching your services to my largest customers.”

Cosme Andrian Santos, Barista at Engineering Cafe UCL

“We have to make it easy for people to lead a lower-waste lifestyle. CLUBZERØ does this both for our customers and for us"

Robin Clarke, Senior Global Partnership Director

"You are the best team at reuse which is why we are working with you"

Elisabetta Pilla, Barista

“The convenience of take away with the sustainability of reusable - that’s why at Notes we love CLUBZERØ!”

Pip Marshall, Group Partnerships

"I'm blown away by CLUBZERØ's model and I have no doubt they'll revolutionise the way we get takeaways. Their values are completely in line with ours, and we think they're paving the way to a better future."

Barista Brew Bar, UCL

“It’s just a matter of time before returnables become the new normal”

Aadit Shankar, Founder

“Wanted to share with you something really exciting, for the first time instead of using our normal disposable (although compostable) bowls we are going to be using fabulous, reusable boxes by CLUBZERØ. Every single person eating lunch with us today, around 200 people, will eat with CLUBZERØ and they'll be reused which is incredible. We are saving on so much takeaway packaging.”

Connor Arnette, Founding Partner

“Offices across London will place a bulk order with us and ask for reusable or sustainable packaging. We pack it up, send it out that way, it then gets collected, goes to their sanitation facility then comes back to us. It's clear they have a goal to improve the amount of packaging going to waste and to do it at scale.”

Italo Vendramini, Operations Manager

"Coco is on a mission to tackle single-use packaging. CLUBZERØ helps us provide a greener choice for our customers."

Lorena,Site manager

"It is super easy and super simple to use! Really excited to be working with CLUBZERØ"

Hubert Zanier, CEO

"We try to avoid single-use packaging where we can, and CLUBZERØ is a perfect way for us to get our delicious, hand-made food to our customers without generating the waste that takeaway food usually produces, a really great step forward!"

Nathalie Timsit, Founder

"CLUBZERØ's reusable bowls immediately ticked Garbanzos boxes - helping us achieve our continuous efforts to support sustainability in the takeaway trade. Seamless!"

Reuben Todd, Operations Director

"We have for many years encouraged our walk-in customers to use reusable containers and now thanks to CLUBZERØ's courageous initiative, we can also do this with our corporate customers as well.”

Zak Osman, Barista at Brew Bar UCL

"One of the favourite thing about CLUBZERØ is the reusable packaging system makes it’s easier to return once you finish using it to be reused. It saves customers money every time as UCL charge for a disposable cup."