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Our Story - Why does CLUBZER0 exist?

“Right now, eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year... the actions of any just one of us may seem to be trivial and to have no effect but the knowledge that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people doing the same thing - that really does have an impact” - Sir David Attenborough

Single-use packaging is a global waste crisis and existing solutions do not provide a convenient option or simply do not work for in-store, takeaway and delivery across food and beverage. Current ‘sustainable alternatives’ including BYO (Bring Your Own) have low uptake of approximately 2% due to the inconvenience of carrying them and compostable / biodegradable packaging ends up in mainstream waste contaminating regular plastics material recycling.

CLUBZERØ was launched in 2018 to meet the demand of customer convenience by providing a truly sustainable, zero waste alternative. We have pioneered an award-winning returnable packaging system for takeaway and delivery using core technology that ensures packaging is used in perpetuity. CLUBZERØ has served 16,000+ customers across cities in Europe and North America, saving 34 tonnes of CO2 and 2.2million+ items of single-use plastics. We partner with brands across Retail (restaurants and cafes), Non-Retail (offices and universities) and Delivery (online food delivery platforms.) Our packaging designs have been awarded a D&AD pencil and our work showcased at the Design Museum’s Waste Age Exhibition. The CLUBZERØ brand is recognised globally as a market leader in reuse innovation.

As a design-led team we have extensively invested in research and development towards improving UX for our customers. Our vision is to expand CLUBZERØ to every global city by 2030, creating the best reuse experience.

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