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Meet the increasing demand for returnable packaging with CLUBZERØ

Single-use bans are now in effect in over 123 countries across the world including UK, Europe, U.S and Canada. CLUBZERØ provides businesses with a fully circular returnable packaging service that is cost-competitive with compostables and saves you money every month on landfill costs. CLUBZERØ handles every step of a successful return system including collections, washing and redistribution of packaging, all tailored to meet your business requirements. CLUBZERØ provides you and your customers a zero waste premium experience, that not only saves the planet but also your bottom line.

How CLUBZERØ works

Offer CLUBZERØ to your customers and go ZER0 waste in 3 simple steps

01. Order CLUBZERØ packaging and offer it to your customers

  • Save up to 30% on costs
  • 50% less CO2 emissions
  • Higher quality packaging

02. Manage packaging returns seamlessly with CLUBZERØ DR0P P0INTS

  • Convenient returns integrated into your operations
  • Achieve a 95-98% return rate
  • 100% electric deliveries and collections of T0TEB0XES

03. Track & manage orders simply with CLUBZERØ technology

  • Track your impact data through your personalised CLUBZERØ dashboard
  • Data calculated from ISO Accredited Life Cycle Assessment - see here
  • Host app recommended for Education and Restaurant Hosts

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