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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start using CLUBZERO packaging?


  1. Download the CLUBZERO app and sign up. 
  2. Use the CLUBZERO app to find your favourite restaurants and cafes offering CLUBZERO packaging
  3. Order online or in-store, remembering to share your unique CLUBZERO code 
  4. Enjoy your order and remember to return the packaging within 7 days to any of our drop points.
Why do I have to add my payment details?

We need payment details to guarantee the packaging you borrow in case you lose or don't return the borrowed packaging or want to arrange a collection of borrowed packaging.

Do you charge anything to use the service?

No, the service is free to use. We don't take a deposit or charge for using it. Just make sure to return any borrowed packaging within 7 days which we will make sure to remind you about.

How do I return a borrowed packaging?

Check in the CLUBZERO app to see locations where packaging can be returned. Or alternatively arrange a collection for a small fee.

What is the packaging made of?

All of our packaging is made from 100% recyclable plastic

Do I need to scan anything?

No, our members don't need to scan any of our packaging. You will only need to provide your CLUBZERO code when placing an order.

How long can I keep borrowed packaging?

You have up to 7 days to return borrowed packaging.

I have returned a borrowed item but it is still showing under my account

It can take up to 3 days after returning the packaging for it to be reflected as returned. If it takes longer than this please contact the support team through the help section in the CLUBZERO app.

What happens if I keep or lose borrowed packaging?

We encourage our customers to always return borrowed packaging, it helps us to achieve our mission. We will need to charge a small fee if any packaging becomes lost or you decide to keep it.

Are reusables safe during the pandemic?

We follow strict guidelines to ensure that all our packaging adheres to strict government hygiene standards.

Can I microwave or freeze the packaging?

Yes, our packaging can be used in a microwave or popped into the freezer.

Do I need to clean the packaging before returning?

It's not necessary, all our packaging is commercially cleaned before it is redistributed. We would certainly appreciate you emptying any leftover food or liquids and giving it a quick rinse before returning. 


How can I become a Host and offer CLUBZERO packaging?

Apply to become a Brand Partner here and our team will be happy to get you started.

Is there a charge to become a CLUBZERO Host?

It’s free! We don't charge anything for businesses that are signing up to be a CLUBZERO Host. The only thing you pay for is the packaging you order.

What setup is needed to offer CLUBZERO’s reusable packaging?

You only need an internet connection and a mobile phone running our CLUBZERO Host app.

What packaging options are available?

We have a range of different sized cups and food containers. email us at to find out more.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our packaging is packed and delivered in our reusable carriers. The current minimum order is one carrier a week. Contact us at find out more.

How does it work?
  1. Download the CLUBZERO - Host app on Google Play or App Store
  2. Scan customer CLUBZERO QR code when ordering in store or enter customer code when ordering online
  3. Scan packaging QR code adding it to the customer order

Apply and sign up to be a CLUBZERO Host here or email us at find out more.

What do I do with customer returned packaging?

We collect all returned packaging when delivering freshly cleaned packaging.

Can businesses become Host's?

Absolutely! Contact us and we will guide you through the process.

How will CLUBZERO help me reach our sustainability goals?

Reuse is a great way to increase sustainability and lower your business's environmental impact. We track these metrics in real time and deliver that data to you through our Host app and web dashboards.

What if a customer wants to use CLUBZERO packaging but doesn't have an account?

To receive their order in CLUBZERO packaging they need to be a member of CLUBZERO to get their CLUBZERO customer code.

They just need to downloading the CLUBZERO app and signing up for free.

What does an online order with CLUBZERO packaging look like when placed through the JUST EAT platform?

Orders placed online for CLUBZERO reusable packaging will contain a customer CLUBZERO code in the orders comment section.

Do all menu items need to be served in CLUBZERO packaging?

No, our Host's are free to choose which of their menu items works well with our different packaging sizes. 

What do I do if a JUST EAT order has no customer CLUBZERO code or is invalid?

If an order contains CLUBZERO packaging it needs to include the customer CLUBZERO code to associate the packaging with the customer. If it's missing or invalid then Host's are required not to serve the order in CLUBZERO packaging.