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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start using CLUBZERØ packaging?

Sign up your team here to receive office breakfast, lunch and dinner in CLUBZERØ packaging. For in-store use, download CLUBZERØ in the app store and create an account to access your CLUBZERØ ID.

Do you charge anything to use the service?

CLUBZERØ packaging is completely free to borrow. You will only be charged if you do not return the CLUBZERØ packaging within 30 days.

Do I need to clean the packaging before returning?

No, simply scrap leftover food waste into a bin and place your CLUBZERØ containers in the CLUBZERØ drop points ready for collection. All our packaging is collected & commercially cleaned before it is redistributed.

How do I return borrowed packaging in-store?

Scan your CLUBZERØ packaging within the CLUBZERØ app and drop them off to nearest CLUBZERØ drop point.

I have returned a borrowed item but it is still showing under my account

It can take up to 10 days after returning the packaging for it to be reflected as returned. If it takes longer than this please contact the support team through the app of this link.

Do I need to scan anything?

Yes. When returning in-store, we’ve launch new features in our app allowing customers to track their packaging. Scan your items before returning them to mark them as pending and let us know they’re on their way back to us.

What happens if I keep or lose borrowed packaging?

We encourage our customers to always return borrowed packaging to help maximise the environmental benefits. We will need to charge a small fee if an item becomes lost or is not returned in time.

Are reusables safe during the pandemic?

Yes, we follow strict guidelines to ensure that all our packaging adheres to strict government hygiene standards. 

Can I microwave CLUBZERØ packaging?

Please avoid putting CLUBZERØ packaging in a microwave as it will cause the packaging to degrade faster and can increase the chances of staining.

Who cleans the returned packaging?

Used packaging is collected and taken to one of our wash partners where it goes through a wash and QC process before being packaged and distributed to Hosts to use again and again and again.

Can offices and corporate companies use the CLUBZERØ service?

Absolutely! We have partnered with Just Eat for Business to offer CLUBZERØ to offices across London. Email us at find out more.


How can I become a Host and offer CLUBZERØ packaging?

Apply to become a Host here and our team will be happy to get you started.

Is there a charge to become a CLUBZERØ Host?

It’s free! We don't charge anything for businesses that are signing up to be a CLUBZERØ Host. The only thing you pay for is the packaging you order.

What setup is needed to offer CLUBZERØ’s reusable packaging?

You only need an internet connection and an Android or iOS based device to run our Host app.

What packaging options are available?

We have a range of different sized cups and food containers. email us at to find out more.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our packaging is packed and delivered in our reusable carriers. The current minimum order is one carrier a week. Contact us at find out more.

How does it work?
  1. Download the CLUBZERØ Host app on Google Play or App Store
  2. Scan or enter customer CLUBZERØ ID when ordering in-store
  3. Enter the number of items needed to fulfil the order

Apply and sign up to be a CLUBZERØ Host here or email us at find out more.

Where do customers return packaging ?

Customers can drop off packaging at one of the drop points that can be found in the CLUBZERØ customer app. As a CLUBZERØ Host you can opt in to be a drop point.

What do I do with customer returned packaging?

We collect all returned packaging when delivering freshly cleaned packaging.

How will CLUBZERØ help me reach our sustainability goals?

Reuse is a great way to increase sustainability and lower your business's environmental impact. We track these metrics in real time and deliver that data to you through our Host app and web dashboards.

What if a customer wants to use CLUBZERØ packaging but doesn't have an account?

Customers need to have a CLUBZERØ ID to use our packaging. Customers can Download the CLUBZERØ app and sign up before ordering. 

What does an online order with CLUBZERØ packaging look like when placed through the Just Eat for Business platform?

Orders placed online for CLUBZERØ reusable packaging will contain a customer CLUBZERØ ID code in the orders comment section. For a more detailed walk through, schedule a call with our team here.

Do all menu items need to be served in CLUBZERØ packaging?

No, our Hosts are free to choose which of their menu items works well with our premium packaging.