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Returnable food and beverage 
packaging system

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CLUBZERØ provides a smart returnable packaging system to support the transition away from single-use packaging for our customers. CLUBZERØ handles every step of a successful return system including packaging selection, collections, washing and redistribution, making it easy for your businesses to switch and start saving today.


See how much you’ll save when 
you switch to CLUBZERØ

When you switch to CLUBZERØ returnable packaging you make considerable environmental and cost savings every month (up to 30% savings)

*Data taken from First Mile (cost of recycling single-use food & beverage packaging)


Saved every month on landfill costs*


CLUBZER0 in the Press

Sidhi Mittal, Edie

"Wimbledon has partnered with evian and CLUBZERØ to responsibly source food and water for this year's Championship, in a bid to curtail waste generation and minimise plastic usage."

Naomi Ackermane, Evening Standard

"Customers will be able to opt in when placing an order, and then return their boxes via a drop-off point, or arrange for them to be collected via the CLUBZERØ app."

Marcus Fairs, Dezeen

"A circular-economy service that could eliminate single-use coffee cups... The idea was a winner of the Circular Design Challenge award at New Plastics Economy and initiative promoting the circular economy led by environmental charity the Ellen MacArthur Foundation."

Anthea Harries, King's Cross

"We’re delighted to welcome CLUBZERØ to King’s Cross. It’s a brilliant opportunity for food & drink outlets in the neighbourhood to be more sustainable, as well as helping those who live, work, and spend time here reduce their plastic use."

Marianne Lehnis, Forbes

"Bringing an urgently needed circular economy alternative to the world’s annual 16 billion discarded single-use coffee cups."

Packaging Europe

"At this years Wimbledon Championships, CLUBZERØ and Barclays are partnering for a second time to serve ice cream in returnable pots – a move hoped to cut down on single-use waste as attendees wait to enter the Grounds."

Lucy Siegle, The Times

"The delivery service Just Eat has launched a trial scheme with the CLUBZERØ reusable packaging system to try to dent the plastic mountain of half a billion takeaway containers discarded each year."

Emily Chasan, Bloomberg

"The startup has been selling the system to corporate offices and says reusing its cups can reduce landfill waste by as much as 40%."

Henry Wong, Design Week

"CLUBZERØ's closed loop design system wages war on single use plastic. The new look CLUBZERØ hopes to offer an alternative to single-use plastics with a simple design system, which encourages consumers to borrow reusable cups and bowls."

Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

"Four years ago, they turned their attention to inventing a circular system for cups that would be easily adopted by both coffee shops and coffee drinkers. At the time, plastic wasn’t such a widespread concern. But Qureshi had a sense that a tipping point would come soon."

Leonie Cooper, Time Out London

"Fancy a side order of eco-smugness with your coffee? CLUBZERØ is a free scheme that lets you borrow reusable cups and containers from any venue that’s signed up. It’ll serve up your flat white/lunchtime sarnie/fancy pastry in CLUBZERØ's packaging and you have seven days to return it."

Packaging Europe

"Coinciding with the start of the UK’s single-use plastic ban in October 2023, CLUBZERØ is expanding its packaging range for use by its Hosts and consumers. The company’s packaging is designed in-house by packaging design, product, and engineering experts."

Edie Newsroom

"The coffee cup recycling conundrum is among the sustainability agenda’s top priorities – and it’s easy to see why. More than 7 million disposable cups are being used in the UK on a daily basis, with a tiny 1% being successfully recycled. Enter CupClub: a returnable packaging solution designed to hold both hot and cold drinks."

Emily Nicolle, City A.M.

"John Lewis Partnership has announced a collaboration with London startup CupClub, which will see the subscription service trialled within the business. CupClub was selected alongside three other startups who were chosen from more than 100 applications to John Lewis Partnership's JLab retail innovation programme, which in this iteration was dedicated to reducing plastic waste."

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