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Safia Quershi CLUBZERØ Founder & CEO is a Finalist for Sustainability Entrepreneur of the year

03 February 2022

We are proud to announce that Safia is a finalist in the 2022 Food & Drink Heroes Awards - Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Over 700 entries were received (almost double last year's entries) and we are thrilled to be announced as a finalist alongside Jamie Crummie - Too Good To Go, Hannah McCollum - ChicP, Karina Sudenyte - Flawsome! Drinks, Carrie Vallance - Food Troops CIC, Phil Lewis & Deb Lewis - Kindle, Sameer Vaswani - Prodigy Snacks Ltd and Lee Congdon & Richard Elmer - Sipple Hydration Stations.

CLUBZERØ started as a side project. Safia had founded a design studio with one of her best friends back in 2015. What she felt was missing in the world was a better way of distribution that involved less single-use packaging. Quite simply put, the idea was to distribute and feed a growing population across food and beverage in a more sustainable way. 

The concept of CLUBZERØ started off as an idea. Safia set out to achieve the vision of zero waste cities by replacing this concept of a waste economy and transforming it into a reuse economy. It was really fascinating as a challenge. And Safia set out to prove this theory.

What Safia Qureshi CLUBZERØ’s Founder & CEO said:

“Our vision is to create cities that are zero waste. To create a future which is more balanced and which looks more positive. That's definitely how I combine both my interests and what inspires me - using design to facilitate the well being of people and planet at scale. If we are to survive through the next 100 years, our cities need to transform to be more sustainable and efficiently managed with a lower carbon footprint and less waste.”