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ReLondon Podcast: The Circular Economy Playbook

15 March 2022

Our Founder and CEO, Safia Qureshi sat down with Ali Moore from ReLondon on The Circular Economy Playbook to discuss how CLUBZERØ is revolutionising the takeaway food industry by making circularity easy for consumers. 

The conversation focuses on where CLUBZERØ originated, how CLUBZERØ works for in-store, takeaway and delivery and how consumers are much more powerful than they think. Safia speaks about how her background as an Architect inspired her to solve the problem of single-use plastics and create cities that are zero waste.

Lamia Sbiti joins Ali Moore to discuss their thoughts on the podcast and give tips on how consumers can take small steps in their day to day life to make a difference.

Listen to the full podcast here

Safia Qureshi, CLUBZERØ Founder and CEO said:

"The approach that some folks have is that the consumer is powerless and that this is all down to major institutions and large corporates. Ironically, I would say it's the absolute opposite. The consumer has all the power. They are the denominator to everybody - they are the denominator to the corporations, they are the denominator to the banks, they are the denominator to the small businesses that provide solutions, like us."

Lamia Sbiti, ReLondon Business Transformation Manager:

"What is really key to these solutions becoming mainstream is not losing sight of the user experience. Like CLUBZERØ has done, really making it easy for people to adopt even when they're rushing to buy their cup of coffee or running late to a meeting."