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Meet one of CLUBZERØ's newest investors

01 February 2022

We were delighted to invite Chris Vance to speak at our online event this month, hosted by CLUBZERØ Founder & CEO, Safia. This was an exclusive event for the startup tech community and those looking to invest in this space.

Chris Vance who recently joined as an investor at CLUBZERØ was on the early team with Elon Musk at Tesla in 2012. Chris opened the first Tesla facilities in three new markets, overseeing 4 locations and hiring 20 Product Specialists, driving revenue increase of $1M/mo. to $6M+ / mo. over 3yr. period. He was also tasked with spearheading Supercharger expansion across 12+ states across the U.S.

After this time, Chris also went on to join Impossible Foods on their Business Development team in 2020.

"I got some real Tesla vibes when I looked into their design/product/team and have been an early supporter." - Chris Vance, investor at CLUBZERØ.

In case you missed it, we've attached the full online event below.

watch "CLUBZERØ Online Event - Meet one of CLUBZERØ’s newest investors" by "CLUBZERO" on

We welcomed Chris to the stage alongside Safia to discuss the following key topics:

  • Brand vs Operations 
  • How to get to mass market 
  • Category defining and setting standards
  • Pioneering and pacing innovation  
  • Regulators
  • ‘Escape velocity’  
  • Controlling narratives and calling out greenwashing
  • Infrastructure and product lines 
  • What's next

A big thank you to Carl Pratt, Founder & Creative Director at Future Planet for moderating the event. 

Chris Vance (Ex-Tesla + Impossible Foods), CLUBZERØ Investor said:

“One of the things I recognise in Tesla’s success, and also CLUBZERØ’s, is by innovating and pioneering you discover and create new industry standards for consumers. Once you implement these things, it's hard for a consumer to go back to what was there before. CLUBZERØ is on a path to do this with their product and infrastructure system and when people start to engage with them it’ll be hard for them to go back to what was there before. I think that’s a key advantage to accelerating something.”

Safia Qureshi CLUBZERØ, Founder & CEO said:

“When I was first thinking about what the solution was I knew it couldn't be incremental. If we are asking people to borrow and return and it's a behaviour change it needs to be something that is experimentally different and exciting.”