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Exploring the Impact of Returnables on Footprint Intelligence Panel

01 February 2024

We're thrilled to share that our founder & CEO, Safia Qureshi, joined an insightful panel discussion yesterday, "Can a cup save the planet?" The panel, hosted by Amy Fetzer from Footprint Intelligence in collaboration with Meiko UK, delved deep into the opportunities and challenges surrounding returnable packaging in the hospitality and food service industry. Addressing crucial questions such as compromising convenience and potential customer pain points, the panel discussed solutions for various sectors, including high street, food-to-go, and closed-site environments.

The full report is now available and explores how returnables can not only engage customers but also play a vital role in reducing waste, contributing to carbon reduction targets and supporting businesses in saving money on costs associated with packaging. It's a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

Read the full report here >> 

The report also delves into the logistics of collecting, washing, and redistributing returnable cups and containers. The event took a look at how collaboration plays a key role, scaling efforts, and the potential benefits of packaging standardisation. Examining the benefits of working with competitors and integrating reuse into supply chains, the panel highlighted the potential to build reputational value, evolve new business models, and contribute to saving the planet—one cup, container, or crate at a time.

The report presented eye-opening statistics, revealing that:

  • 48% of consumers expect restaurants to provide convenient returnable packaging 
  • Single-use cups are used for a mere 15 minutes on average before being thrown away and ultimately ending up in landfill or our oceans
  • 79% of plastic ends up in landfill and only 9% is recycled globally 
  • Returnable packaging breaks even after 5 uses, with our CLUBZERØ products having a minimum lifespan of 250 uses 

As we navigate the complex landscape of sustainability, CLUBZERØ remains committed to leading the way in returnables for offices, education spaces, sports arenas, events and more. We support brands to ensure the switch to returnables is convenient and easy for you and your customers, giving them a chance to reduce their environmental footprint and embrace a more sustainable future. 

Read the full report here >>