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Big News in the EU as the PPWR have concluded their agreement

11 March 2023

After months of intense negotiations, the trilogues on the PPWR have culminated in an agreement this week between the Parliament and the PPWR. This monumental step brings forth key objectives aiming to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging waste.

Key objectives from the PPWR deal:

  • Packaging Waste Reduction: Commitment to reduce packaging waste by 5% by 2030, 10% by 2035, and 15% by 2040.
  • Ban on Single-Use Plastics: A groundbreaking move to ban single-use plastic packaging in restaurants and cafes from 2030, with wider implications for food and beverage sectors
  • Reuse Targets: While the agreement sets binding reuse targets for 2030 and indicative targets for 2040, some concerns linger regarding exemptions tied to recycling rates
  • Ban on "Forever Chemicals": Stringent measures to ban harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used in packaging.

This is great news for returnable packaging and reusable packaging companies alike. Not only does CLUBZERØ provide a fully circular and convenient solution to single-use packaging but it also supports customers in achieving the PPWR targets. Here's how:

  • Packaging Waste Reduction: Every single CLUBZERØ product can be used a minimum of 250 times vs 1 time for single-use packaging
  • Ban on Single-Use Plastics: Get ahead of the ban by offering a fully circular, ZERØ waste system and avoiding upcoming fees and regulations against single-use
  • Reuse Targets: Avoid the uncertainty around recycling by making the switch to our returnable packaging system, ensuring packaging in used in perpetuity
  • Ban on "Forever Chemicals": CLUBZERØ returnable packaging items are completely free of harmful "Forever Chemicals"

Tim Sykes, Brand Director at Packaging Europe said:

"I'd suggest two tasks for the whole value chain in the light of this. First, it's important that we proceed in an evidence-based manner, and seek to address the gaps in current knowledge in order to more precisely map out where reuse and single-use, respectively, tend to perform best. Secondly, regardless of how much is mandated by regulation, it's clear that current deployment of reuse models falls well short of where we need to be if we're to meet our climate and waste obligations. 2024 has to be the breakthrough year for consortiums that take us from pilots onto the pathway of genuine scale."

Join the ZERØ waste club today and switch to returnables for a better future for you, your business, and your planet >>