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Cups as a service? What does that mean?

TfL’s bikes (or ‘Boris bikes’) shift us from the idea of ‘owning a bike’ to ‘pay per ride’ which covers the cost of the bike, the maintenance and infrastructure costs.

To create an effective circular economy, Cupclub has reworked the idea of ‘owning a cup’ to ‘pay per drink’ which covers the cost of the cup, the maintenance and infrastructure costs.

In the same way it is not equivalent to compare the cost of ‘owning a bike’ vs ‘paying £2 for a ride’, it’s not equivalent to compare the ‘cost of a cup’ with the ‘cost of a drink’.

To help enable this transition, Cupclub have been working hard to get its mode roughly ‘price equivalent’ per drink.

Of course, companies can continue to pay pennies for products that harm the environment, or pay for one-off instances of more durable cups. We don't see these as viable, sustainable solutions.

Cupclub’s approach commits to annualised costs that

  1. power a circular economy that has zero waste to landfill
  2. makes sense to your balance sheet.

As we scale, we are committed to reducing the cost-per-drink, while increasing the data-flows that will demonstrate the long-term ROI and customer engagement.