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CLUBZERØ Retreat to the South Coast

19 May 2022

We work hard and play hard. Last week, the whole CLUBZERØ team headed to the South Coast (Rye and Dungeness) to enjoy a team retreat packed with adventure sports, beach walks, BBQs, e-biking, sailing and a river boat trip through the countryside. 

As a fully remote team, we wanted to celebrate our round close and also welcome some awesome new additions to our crew. The biggest advantage of retreats is you get to spend real time with everyone vs the forced superficial coffee break convos that you would otherwise have in office environments. There are certain perks to remote working - coming together makes it all the more special when you’re away from your laptop and enjoying the outdoors with your crew. 

We chose to go electric all the way, starting our journey with the Model 3 (Tesla) to get us around the south coast, stopping at Brighton Soho House for lunch followed by games at Brighton Pier. We charged along the way until we arrived at our home stay, Guy Holloway’s award-winning Pobble House in Dungeness. 

We kicked off day 2 with a Horizon 2025 team workshop, fueled by famous fish baps from the local Snack Shack on Dungeness beach. We spent some time refining our near term goals, followed by a day of e-biking on the beach and through wind farms. We ended the day with a plant-based BBQ prepped by grill-master Chris Vance, our newest addition to the CLUBZERØ team (who joined us all the way from Colorado.)

Day 3, the team made a splash at a half-day sailing lesson in Rye (there are some real sailors in the crew) before heading inland on a river cruise through tranquil Bodiam in the sunny afternoon. 

The next retreat will be to celebrate our next milestone hit! Stay tuned for updates :) If you’re excited about joining our crew, look out for new positions through our CLUBZERØ LinkedIn page and apply! We would love to hear from you. Also follow us on social for new crew announcements. 

Bon Voyage for now!