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CLUBZERØ premiers a Netflix style documentary, in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation & WaterBear

20 April 2022

In partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Water Bear, we bring you the story of how CLUBZERØ started from an idea on a train to scaling with leading global food and beverage brands. Take a look at behind the scenes footage of CLUBZERØ and hear from our Founder, Safia Qureshi as she explains how CLUBZERØ is leading the reuse movement across packaging.

watch "Going behind the scenes of circularity with ClubZERO | The Circular Economy Show" by "Ellen MacArthur Foundation" on

Safia Qureshi is joined by London based Maxwell Mutanda, Architect and Professor at University College London and London/Paris based Vincent Villeger, Packaging Designer to discuss the development of CLUBZERØ products over the years and CLUBZERØ’s plans for the future.

When coming up with the idea of designing a returnable packaging system, Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEO at CLUBZERØ said:

“I realised 3 things. A) they bought from the same location B) they had the same product and C) they threw it in the same end location. In designing something premium why not make something even better, why make it single-use and could I give them a better product to hold”

During the design of the most recent packaging product-lines, Vincent Villeger, Packaging Designer said:

“It had to be good enough that people wanted to use it and wanted to be seen to use it but you didn’t want it so good that people wouldn’t return it. The return rate is critical to the success of the project.”

When discussing how the idea started, Maxwell Mutanda, Architect and Professor at University College London said:

“She had this idea to propose a new kind of packaging. It made complete sense because it works!”