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CLUBZERØ championed ZERØ waste at this years Wimbledon Championships

21 July 2023

CLUBZERØ launched at the world's largest tennis event, the Wimbledon Championship, this summer in partnership with Barclays. CLUBZERØ launched at the world's largest tennis event, the Wimbledon Championships, this Summer in partnership with Barclays. Across the two week tournament, visitors were able to enjoy a range of exclusively mixed drinks in CLUBZERØ’s ZERØ waste packaging at the Barclays Clubhouse.

After enjoying their drinks, visitors returned their CLUBZERØ cups to Barclays drop points ready for CLUBZERØ to collect at the end of each day. Once washed centrally, we redistribute the cups to Wimbledon for reuse the very next day. 

By making the switch to CLUBZERØ, Barclays saved 70,000 pieces of single-use plastic packaging from ending up in landfill and 1.05 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the fortnight. 

The Wimbledon Championships also saw the launch of our brand new cold beverage packaging range and CLUBZERØ drop points designed exclusively for Barclays.

Huge thank you to Barclays and Wimbledon, who proved that the sports industry has great potential, and responsibility, to remove single-use plastic packaging from mass sporting events and move towards a reusable, ZERØ waste alternative.

But this is just the beginning! At CLUBZERØ, we believe that partnering with brands is key to achieving a ZERØ waste future. That’s why we want to support more mass sporting events transition to CLUBZERØ, drastically reducing their single-use plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

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CLUBZERØ offers a fully circular system for food and beverage that can be seamlessly integrated into any sporting event, giving visitors an option beyond single-use. We support brands through every element of a successful returnable packaging service, including packaging selection, collection, washing, logistics, and marketing. 

Get in touch with us today and make ZERØ waste your winning shot