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Meet the demand of your customers by offering CLUBZERØ® reusable packaging for takeaway and delivery

CLUBZERØ offers a fully circular returnable packaging service for takeaway and delivery. Our products can be dynamically integrated across restaurants and cafes in all business types (including offices, universities, parks, stadiums and more) allowing you to offer a zero waste alternative with 100% convenience for you and your customers. Once used, packaging is placed into CLUBZERØ yellow bags and collected from locations to be washed and redelivered to Hosts. CLUBZERØ supports every element of a successful returnable packaging service, including packaging selection, collection, washing, logistics and marketing.

Interested in corporate deliveries? CLUBZERØ partners with Just Eat for Business to match corporate clients demanding zero waste deliveries with restaurant or cafe hosts equipped with CLUBZERØ.

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"We have for many years encouraged our walk-in customers to use reusable containers and now thanks to CLUBZERØ's courageous initiative, we can also do this with our corporate customers as well.” - Reuben Todd, Director at K10

"We try to avoid single-use packaging where we can, and CLUBZERØ is a perfect way for us to get our delicious, hand-made food to our customers without generating the waste that takeaway food usually produces, a really great step forward!" - Hubert Zanier, CEO of Nusa Kitchen

"Coco is on a mission to tackle single-use packaging. CLUBZERØ helps us provide a greener choice for our customers." - Italo Vendramini, Operations Manager at Coco di Mama

“You are the best team at reuse which is why we are working with you” - Robin Clark, Director of Global Partnerships at Just Eat

"CLUBZERØ's reusable bowls immediately ticked Garbanzos boxes - helping us achieve our continuous efforts to support sustainability in the takeaway trade. Seamless!" - Nathalie Timsit, Owner of Garbanzos Falafel & Hummus Bar

“I think of CLUBZERØ as a key partner for UCL and for CH&Co in the longer term.” - Rosie Rayner-Law, Sustainability Manager at UCL

“Offices across London will place a bulk order with us and ask for reusable or sustainable packaging. We pack it up, send it out that way, it then gets collected, goes to their sanitation facility then comes back to us. It's clear they have a goal to improve the amount of packaging going to waste and to do it at scale.” - Connor Arnette, Founding Partner at Atis

“Wanted to share with you something really exciting, for the first time instead of using our normal disposable (although compostable) bowls we are going to be using fabulous, reusable boxes by CLUBZERØ. Every single person eating lunch with us today, around 200 people, will eat with CLUBZERØ and they'll be reused which is incredible. We are saving on so much takeaway packaging.” - Aadit Shankar, Founder of Atcha

 "I liked how tactile it was. I really enjoyed it. It all tasted very good." - Tannith Rayment, Sustainability Manager at King's Cross

“People don’t change unless the solution is easy for them to do. CLUBZERØ makes what could be a tricky process smooth and simple, both for our customers and for us.” - ​​Rosie Rayner‑Law, Sustainability Manager at UCL

"The convenience of take away with the sustainability of reusable - that's why at Notes we love CLUBZERØ!" - Head Barista, Elisabetta Pilla at Notes Coffee

"The beauty of hand-crafted food in a reusable container made to last. No-thing to be wasted. CLUBZERØ for Hiden: ordinarily, amazing." - Azusa Tatsumi, Founder of Hiden Curry