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CLUBZERØ 2022 Highlights

15 December 2022

As the festive season draws closer, we are re looking back at a very successful year at CLUBZERØ. We signed a £1M ARR deal with Just Eat for Business to expand our offer to customers London wide, raised over £530k from 800+ investors in our crowd campaign and improved our core technology making it 9x faster for our hosts and our users to check out packaging. And it didn’t stop there, in the last 12 months we have: 

  • Sold 40,500 orders, an average of 111 per day
  • Reached 10M consumers and achieved a 4.5 Trustpilot rating
  • Welcomed 3 new key hires Chris Vance (ex-Tesla + Impossible Foods), Jess Kilbourne (ex-Gorillas) and Lottie Kingdon (ex-KPMG) and new advisor Max de Zegher (Director of Charging at Tesla)
  • Launched in 22 host locations including HOP Vietnamese, Lantana Cafe, Atis, The Salad Kitchen, 2 additional UCL cafes and more
  • Headlined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Roundhouse event on the Circular Economy
  • Won our first D&AD pencil for Best in Packaging Design
  • Filmed a Netflix-style documentary commissioned by our patrons the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and produced by Water Bear
  • Went on our first team retreat to the south coast, packed with adventure sports, beach walks, BBQs, e-biking, and sailing.

And breath… We can’t wait for what we have planned for 2023 as we continue to expand CLUBZERØ and make reusable packaging the new norm. Watch this space.

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