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Pick-up delicious food and drinks with 

100% convenience and ZER0 waste

Enjoy your morning takeaway drinks but hate the guilt of seeing the pile of packaging waste left behind? Want to do your part without having to take a lot of time out of your daily routine? CLUBZERØ has you covered with our returnable packaging system that is 100% convenient and free to use.

How CLUBZERØ works

Pick-up CLUBZERØ packaging in-store at select Host locations

01. Borrow CLUBZERØ
packaging using your

  • 1 CLUBZERØ container = 250 single-use containers
  • CLUBZERØ is completely free
  • Save up to 25p per drink at select Hosts

02. Scan and Return your packaging to any CLUBZERØ DR0P P0INT

  • Return packaging within 30 days
  • Gain points every time you Borrow & Return
  • 100 points = rewards at select Hosts

Join 16,000+ people going ZER0 waste today

You can annually save 730 single-use items from landfill with just 1 drink a day*


*Cup + Lid included with every drink

Why our customers love CLUBZERØ

4.5/5 on Trustpilot Read Reviews

Michela, UCL Student

“I really like CLUBZERØ because I’m a really busy student, I run around campus all day and one of my favourite things to do to take a little break is have a coffee. It’s perfect because there’s so many CLUBZERØ locations on my campus. It doesn’t cost anything to me, I know that I’m contributing to a bigger, positive change & something I really care about ”

Andrea, UCL Research Associate

"A brilliant option to reduce unnecessary waste, can't wait for it to be more widely accessible!"

Gabrielle, UCL Student

"CLUBZERØ is such an easy, free way to feel like you're making a positive difference to our fight against climate change"

Lucy, UCL Student

“I love using CLUBZERØ because it’s a hassle-free option to being sustainable. I always try and make eco-friendly choices but it can be hard when I’m busy, on the move and have loads of assignments in. Now I can use CLUBZERØ and not worry about bringing something with me or washing it when I get home. It’s perfect!”

Ambikesh, UCL Student

"What I love most about CLUBZERØ is that it makes. sustainability elegant, cool and convenient!"

Leigh, App Store User

"Really good app, super easy to use and a great way to do your part for the planet. Excited for this to expand to more cities across the UK!"

Ali, UCL Student

"What I particularly like about the CLUBZERØ project is its unique approach towards environmental health. We need more of these little steps when tackling climate change for us to achieve the bigger goals long term"

App Store User

"What a brilliant idea - I wish all the shops and restaurants I am given packaging by were signed up for this!"

App Store User

"I love CLUBZERØ have been using it for a while, wish they would roll it out more the country! Well done guys!"

Lucy, UCL Student

“I love CLUBZERØ because it makes being sustainable so much easier. It’s no hassle, you just use it and put it back.”

Ankit, UCL Student

“I am very likely to recommend it to a friend as It is a very convenient and easy system having used it myself today.”

App Store User

"This app is exactly what the planet needs. The idea is fantastic and I hope it catches on more. Congrats to you for creating this. Works seamlessly and great UI."