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CLUBZERØ in The Design Museum

23 October 2021

We are excited to announce that we are being showcased in The Design Museum’s Waste Age exhibition, a show dedicated to how designers can and are using new materials to fight against the problems of waste.

We must face the problem of waste – we can no longer ignore what happens to things when we get rid of them. Instead of thinking of objects as things that have an end life, they can have many lives. This is not just an exhibition it is a campaign, and we all have an active part in our future.' Gemma Curtin, Curator.

The showcase explores a range of designers who are each doing their part in rethinking our relationship to everyday things. We are proud to be among some great businesses sharing their ideas for a future of clean materials and a circular economy as a way out of the Waste Age. 

Notpla, one of our fellow winners of 'The New Plastics Economy' awarded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation can also be seen at the showcase.