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CLUBZERØ featured in Footprint's 2023 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle report

10 February 2023

CLUBZERØ is excited to share the launch of Footprint's 2023 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle report. The 2023 annual report shares invaluable resources and key insights into the food and beverage sector with a firm focus on the sustainability agenda.

This year we've seen major challenges including geo-political issues that have seen supplies stretched and the cost of living crisis which has seen prices skyrocket. Despite this the report highlights that, now more than ever, we need sustainable solutions for businesses, brands and consumers to adopt as we move towards a future without waste.

CLUBZERØ supported Footprint in creating this report with a spotlight on Reuse and how we are transforming the food and beverage packaging sector. CLUBZERØ shared insights into our work and how we have been supporting brands with an upstream solution, enabling a smooth transition towards zero waste with 100% convenience ahead of the new UK single-use plastic bans.

Read the full report here >>

Other key brands including Bunzl, Hubbub, Zero Waste Scotland and many more also give their insights into how we can tackle reuse going forward.

Senior Sustainability Expert at high street coffee chain on the challenges of reuse:
“Single-use is so convenient and it’s almost impossible to match that with reuse. But we have to – and to do that reuse needs to be pre-competitive.”

Lorna Slater, Circular Economy Minister, Scotland on the need for single-use plastic charges:
“Evidence shows a small charge on single-use cups can be hugely effective in encouraging people to switch to a reusable alternative.”

Great to be joined by key players including Azzuri Group, CH&Co, Just Eat, Brakes UK, The UK Plastic Pact, and KFC at the reports launch event all with a collective mission to reduce packaging waste in the food service sector.