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Find participating restaurants and cafes in and around London


CLUBZERØ is available in-store or takeaway at restaurant and cafe host locations and for delivery with Just Eat and Just Eat for Business

"Everything we do at KIN has to align with our core principles of sustainability and positive environmental impact. We see CLUBZERØ as the ideal partner for KIN and our growing delivery services. We hope this partnership can inspire our peers and hope this is just the start of a reusable revolution in the London restaurant industry" - Mo Malek, KIN Cafe

"The beauty of hand-crafted food in a reusable container made to last. No-thing to be wasted. CLUBZERØ for Hiden: ordinarily, amazing." - Azusa Tatsumi, Hiden Curry



Our reusable packaging uses 50% less CO2 than disposables.


CLUBZERØ reusable packaging is completely free to use



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